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people with Parkinson's and their families to the resources they need.
“Parkinson’s is a relentless fighter who never slows down.  It is hard to keep from allowing it to guide your life.  But it can be done.  Resist the temptation to stay in bed, resist the temptation to avoid exercise class because it is raining, and resist all the other things that Parkinson’s throws at you.”
- Bill Wilson, Co-Founder
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Jax Hope Inc. empowers the community of people with Parkinson’s to fight back against the daily symptoms and the known path of this disease.

We take many approaches to improve the lives of those living with Parkinson's. Our programs range from providing mental and physical fitness classes to assisting support groups and providing resource bags.

Although we appreciate monetary donations, we wouldn't be here without the help of our volunteers.

Whether newly diagnosed or a caretaker of someone with Parkinson's, we're here to help you. We partner with local, regional, and national organizations to get you the resources you need now.
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