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Who Are We

Why are volunteers vital to Jax Hope Inc?


Volunteers are the backbone for nonprofits like Jax Hope Inc.

Volunteers are most often the ones who have the closest, personal connection to the cause.


Volunteers provide support to our organization unparalleled to any other. With a solid structure for volunteers installed, our cause will begin to exponentially grow and receive support. Growth is vital for People with Parkinson's, so we can further understand the disease and find ways to better assist those living with PD.

Volunteers are a tremendous resource for charitable nonprofits. Without volunteers, many charitable nonprofits would not be able to conduct programs, raise funds, or serve clients. 

Volunteers can help development teams in a myriad of ways, both in raising awareness, sharing stories, making targeted asks, and giving themselves.

Your stories and experiences with PD and/or a family/friend's experience with PD can help us in many ways, further research and provide better resources to the community. We welcome you to join us in volunteering with us to further expand our reach to help those in the community!

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