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Education. Connection.

Advocacy. Awareness


Through education, advocacy, and increased resources and services, Jax Hope Inc. empowers the community of people with Parkinson’s to fight back against the daily symptoms and the known path of this disease.


A world in which all people with Parkinson's have a better quality of life.


January, 2017

Rock Steady Boxing opens its doors


JAX HOPE INC, originally Rock Steady Boxing Jacksonville, opened it's doors on January 9, 2017 to 9 brave and hopeful people wanting to fight back against Parkinson's Disease.  Kristen Gray, a person with Young Onset PD, moved to the Jacksonville area, discovered this evidence-based program wasn't within reach, and in just 9 months made this program a reality for the Jacksonville PD community as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. It was a thrill to see the family of determined fighters growing each week. As President and Founder, Kristen teamed with Bill and Marilyn Wilson to move RSB Jax into the forefront of the Parkinson's community of the First Coast Region.

IN 2021, Rock Steady Boxing Jacksonville (JAX HOPE INC) and the First Coast Parkinson's Run, two of the most well-known Parkinson's related entities in the First Coast region, combined. The mission expanded support people with Parkinson's by bringing resources and services to those impacted while increasing awareness of the disease.

To increase its reach, create a greater impact, and better foster community for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners, the First Coast Parkinson's Run and JAX HOPE INC, previously two separate organizations, will now fall under JAX HOPE INC. 

As of April 1, 2021, First Coast Parkinson's Run Co-Founder and Race Director, Jennifer Otero, transitioned to become the President of JAX HOPE INC, with outgoing President Kristen Gray, remaining on as a Senior Advisor to the organization. A new Board has been named to support the mission and its goals, members include Marilyn Wilson, Greg Ritscher, Dr. Terry Hermiston, Dr. Michelle Hermiston, Dawn Saracino, and Alaine Keebaugh. JAX HOPE INC will serve as an umbrella over multiple programs: Rock Steady Boxing Jacksonville, the First Coast Parkinson's Newsletter, the Parkinson's Resource Service, the Support Group Assistance Program, and the Bill Wilson Parkinson's Center. 

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