JAX HOPE INC is proud to offer these programs and support to our Jacksonville Parkinson's community as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

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Rock Steady Boxing Fund

As a non-profit, we focus on providing a fun and beneficial workout opportunity to anyone with Parkinson's Disease.  Monthly dues are asked of participants and currently cover 45% of JAX HOPE expenses.  100% of donated funds help cover the remaining Operating Costs, including Certified Coaching, Scholarships for any member in need, Quarterly Social events, Administrative fees and Insurance.  Your tax deductible contributions help these fighters keep fighting to maintain their independence while improving their daily quality of life.  We cherish the changes we see every week in our fighters - changes in body, mind, and spirit.   

Bill Wilson Parkinson's Resource Service

In honor of our dear friend and fellow fighter, Bill Wilson, Jax Hope Inc is proud to offer local support for those living with Parkinson's Disease in the greater Jacksonville area.  Funds raised allow Jax Hope Inc to provide Resource packets for all those new to the area or newly diagnosed.  These packets help bridge PD connections within the community to identify local exercise programs, support groups, therapies, and community events. 
In addition, Jax Hope Inc is raising funds to fulfill Bill Wilson's dream of a Jacksonville Parkinson's Center where those with PD can access support services, educational opportunities, and exercise programs.  Your tax deductible contributions will help Jax Hope Inc continue to help more people live better lives with Parkinson's Disease.  

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