JAX HOPE INC is proud to offer these programs to our Jacksonville Parkinson's community as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

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putting donated funds to work!

As a non-profit, we focus on providing a fun and beneficial workout opportunity to anyone with Parkinson's Disease.  Monthly dues are asked of participants and currently cover 45% of JAX HOPE expenses.  100% of donated funds help cover the remaining Operating Costs, including Certified Coaching, Scholarships for any member in need, Quarterly Social events, Administrative fees and Insurance.  Donations may be directed towards our Scholarship Fund, known as the "Purse Program," or our General Fund.   Kindly indicate your preference when making your donation.  

"Purse Program"  

Currently, 29% of our participants are unable to afford the monthly fees ($89) and/or the initial cost of the personal equipment needed to participate ($55). Our goal is to provide this program for a better quality of life to anyone living with Parkinson's Disease regardless of any financial limitations.  100% of funds directed towards our "Purse Program" will go to offset participation costs for any fighter in need of financial support.  


Although RSB JAX INC is primarily a volunteer-run organization, we rely, in part, on donated funds to help us with the general costs.  We take pride in compensating our Coaches with the most competitive rates for their skilled and compassionate dedication to our fighters' workout needs.   Social events allow us to provide a well-rounded program, with an aim to not only meet the physical needs of our fighters, but also build a family atmosphere to build camaraderie, confidence, and hope.  We want our donors to feel confident knowing every dollar goes back into the program to help our fighters, whether directly or behind the scenes.  

Your tax deductible contributions help these fighters keep fighting to maintain their independence while improving their daily quality of life.  We cherish the changes we see every week in our fighters - changes in body, mind, and spirit.   

Thank you for your consideration.  

Other ways to give:

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Monday - Friday 



Mailing Address:


P.O. BOX 2521

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  32004


Moving Soon - To Be Updated post Covid-19 virus health concerns & restrictions on groups has passed.