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Support Group Assistance Program

Parkinson's Support Groups

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Parkinson's can be a lonely and frustrating disease. Not only do you have to deal with your body's new behaviors, but you have to do it all while trying to maintain your "normal" pre-diagnosis life. Our Support Group Assistance programs are here to help you realize that you do not have to go through this disease alone. There is a network of friends, support groups, and workout teams who meet across the First Coast Region. This program provides assistance to those seeking support as well as those who are leading via groups, networks, or teams.

Support Group Assistance Program Lead

Gregg Hummer  (808) 313- 0966,

Support Group Assistance Program Assistant-Lead

Jennifer Otero (904) 874-7083,

Volunteers Needed

Interested in volunteering in this program, please let us know:

Email Jennifer Otero at

Program Details

Support Group Leader Support

  • Assist in leader identification

  • Provide continuous support of the leader and team

  • Identify meeting location

  • Coordinate / facilitate finding locations to hold support group meetings

  • Utilize connections to assist in better facilities

  • Bill Wilson’s Parkinson’s Resource Center – establish future centers across First Coast region with meeting rooms

Assist Support Groups Financially

  • Find support group meeting sponsors

  • Provide initial funds to (re)establish support group

  • Fund specific activities at a support group

  • Provide meeting topics and provide access or connections to subject matter experts (SMEs) for support group meeting Key Speakers

  • Work with Support Group leaders on the needs of the specific group, help meet those needs

Help Expand Participation in Groups

  • Expand participant reach through Bill Wilson’s Parkinson’s Resource Service and other connections

  • Identify those that are looking for a support group / social group


Re-establishment during/post COVID

  • Help current support groups re-establish during and post COVID

  • Kick start the re-establishment

  • Identify what groups are meeting and how are they are meeting

  • Assist with Zoom, equipment or other technology related items

  • Assist in finding a location to re-establish if prior location is no longer available

  • For groups that have disbanded, help contact the participants and determine how they want to meet

  • Identify a new leader if prior leader is no longer able to, willing to lead

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