Let's Get Physical !

Providing greater access to physical and mental fitness programs. 

Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic, degenerative progressive  brain disorder that affects areas of the brain responsible for movement.  Symptoms vary with individuals and could include: a tremor, slowness of movement, rigidity, and gait or posture disturbances.  Other signs might be: depression, falling, speech and swallowing problems, mental confusion, sleep disturbances, constipation, difficulty writing, and more. There is no medical test for PD.  A neurologist makes the diagnosis based on reported symptoms, eliminating other  diseases and a clinical observation of the patient. Due the complex nature of Parkinson's both mental physical health are equally important when it comes to living a successful life with it. 

Local Physical Health Resources

Yoga UF Health Jacksonville

Contact: Heather Devos, heatherdevos@gmail.com


Yoga class is intended for Parkinson’s and other movement disorder patients, but all are welcome. All classes are held virtually on ZOOM. Please, contact Heather for more details. Classes will resume at UF Health when the COVID epidemic is under control.

Rock Steady Boxing Jacksonville DBA Jax Hope Inc.

Contact: Kristen Gray, President Jax Hope Inc, 904-321-9505, www.jaxhopeinc.org


Due to the COVID epidemic all classes are held via ZOOM. Please, contact Kristen or check out their website for more information.

Rock Steady Boxing Fernandina Beach

Contact: Guy Petty 904-310-6678, Mary Anne Waikart 904-310-6678


Advanced Muscle Therapy, 961687 Gateway Blvd. Suite 101A, Fernandina Beach 32034

Please, contact Guy or Mary Anne for current meeting times.

Rock Steady Boxing San Marco

Contact: Jason Watson, sanmarco@rsbaffiliate.com 904-636-0092 Contact Jason for class times and dates.

Rock Steady Boxing Orange Park

Contact: Stan Harris, 904-860-2471, dsharris@gmail.com


Please, contact Stan for upcoming class schedule and information.

Rock Steady Boxing St. Augustine

Contact Melanie Lomaglio, 904-501-8779. email: melanie.neuroPT@gmail.com

Classes are Tues, Thurs, and Fri with 3 different challenge levels.

Brooks Rehab Parkinson’s Wellness Program

904-345-6812, www.brooksrehab.org/programs-andservices/adaptive-wellness

Check out website for schedules of all their activities.


Parkinson’s Exercise Network Fleming Island

Contact: Tom Dorsky, tomdorsky@hotmail.com

People of all ages and stages of Parkinson’s attend class; caregivers are also invited to attend. All certified trainers have Parkinson’s. Classes are free to join. Classes held at Sacred Heart Church, 7190 US Highway 17, Fleming Island, 32003. Monday’s and Thursday’s at 9:30am. Due to the COVID epidemic no classes are scheduled at this time. Contact Tom for more information and to be put on their mailing list.

Parkinson’s Exercise Network St. Augustine

Contact: Jim Gillespie, 404-374-1412, JamesHoytGillespie@gmail.com

Classes are on ZOOM Monday and Thursday 10:00 to 11; 00am, until the COVID epidemic is under control. Please, contact Jim for more information.

Brooks Adaptive Sports Program

Contact: Suzy Blalock, 904-345-7314, adaptivesports@broosrehab.org


Please, check out their website and sign up to be on their mailing list. There are numerous weekly activities and monthly special events. All activities are free to people with disabilities as well as their family and friends.

Total Healthworks

Contact: Jackie Russell, David Zid, Bennett.gatto@totalhealthworks.com


Join us for class every Wednesday – Brain and Body with Jackie and David at 12:00pm noon EST! Join the class at ZOOM. Meeting ID: 998 9032 2883, Pass code: Health

The Parkinson's Health Center at STARS Rehab

Offering one on one Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy with Parkinson's specific clinicians who exclusively treat people with PD.  Also offering free voice and group exercise classes supported by a grant by the Parkinson's Foundation.  Classes include Functional Movement Training, Yoga, Singing and Loud Crowd voice training at different challenge levels. Both live online and in-person options are available.

Contact Melanie Lomaglio, 904-501-8779.  email: melanie.neuroPT@gmail.com