Resources for Caregivers

Once again, hello. I was trying to decide what to focus on this month. I realized I have a lot of articles, books, YouTube videos, pamphlets, etc. I tend to assume everyone has all the same information, but based on my conversations with other PD fighters and caregivers, my assumption may be off. Therefore, I thought I would share some resources for all stages of this PD journey.

I found joining both the Parkinson’s Foundation ( and the Michael J. Fox Foundation ( invaluable tools. The Parkinson’s Foundation has booklets that you can also obtain. One of particular interest is called, Caring and Coping: A Caregiver’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease. Below you will find organizations suggested in this booklet. The Parkinson’s Foundation also has a hotline (800-473-4636) where you can always call for up-to-date information about PD, referrals to healthcare professionals, emotional support, community referrals and more.

Services for Older Adults:

Aging Life Care Association; 520-881-8008

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging; 202-872-0888

Alliance for Aging; 800-963-5337

AARP; 888-687-2277

Next Avenue

Caregiver Associations:

Family Caregiver Alliance; 800-445-8106

National Alliance for Caregiving; 301-718-8444

Caregiver Action Network; 202-454-3970

Medication Assistance:

NeedyMeds; 800-503-6897

Partnership for Prescription Assistance


Patient Access Network Foundation Parkinson’s Disease Assistance Program hhtps://; 866-316-7263

Adaptive Clothing:

Buck & Buck; 800-458-0600

MagnaReady (my Dad loves these shirts and slacks which fasten with magnets instead of buttons); 866-635-8866

Medical Equipment:

Independent Living Aids, LLC; 800-537-2118

In-Step Mobility Products, Inc.; 800-558-7837

National Seating and Mobility; 615-595-1115

Reliable Medical Supply, Inc.; 763-255-3800

Advance Directives:

American Bar Association; 800-285-2221

**Ask for Toolkit for Advance Planning

Aging with Dignity, Five Wishes

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Caring Connections; 800-658-8898

National Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Organization; 503-494-4463

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are a number of local organizations providing these services as well. But this is a beginning.

Until next month, be happy, be healthy, be good to yourself.



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