JAX HOPE INC welcomes all volunteers to assist our fighters in punching out Parkinson's Disease! 


Having volunteers allows our fighters to get the most

out of each workout!  We are seeking compassionate

"cornermen" that will add enthusiasm, opportunity, and

an extra layer of safety for our boxers.  


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Interested in Volunteering?

RSB JAX offers 2 levels of classes to better meet the needs of all participants:  

  • The level I/II class is geared for those in the earlier stages of the disease, with functional balance and independent walking ability.  This is a fast-paced class with quick transitions.  

  • The level III/IV class is designed for those in the more advanced stages of the disease, needing more individual attention, eased transitions, and the option for seated exercises.  This class is best suited for those who may be using an assistive device, such as a cane or wheelchair, and need a slower pace and frequent rest breaks.


Both classes will stay true to Rock Steady Boxing methods, involving a warm up, stretching and core workout, as well as intense strength training and coordination drills.    Using the RSB curriculum outlined for both classes will allow for the greatest benefit to all fighters!  

Class Times:

Friday Gym classes:

9:30 Class Levels I/II

10:40 Class Levels III/IV 


Volunteers are welcome anytime and our fighters enjoy getting to know those who are able to  are asked to help out on a weekly or biweekly basis.

A Volunteer's role:​

  • Bring a signed waiver on your first day. 

  • Assist our coaches in setting up equipment,  and tidying up at the end of each class.   

  • Help our fighters put on wraps or gloves, as well as provide stand-by to moderate assistance to anyone demonstrating imbalance while stretching, transitioning, and punching the bags.  

  • Bring enthusiasm, fun, and compassion for our fighters and give them a feeling of safety and support so that they will push themselves, get the most out of each punch, and want to come back for more! 

  • Dress comfortably, in gym attire.




  • ​"It's hard to fully express how special being a Rock Steady Volunteer is.  I started right when JAX HOPE began, and at the time I had no idea what an incredible experience it would become.  Our group is truly one big family.  We have so much fun!  Even my 5-year old son volunteers, helping with equipment, opening fighters' water bottles between rounds, and participating in the workouts himself.  Volunteering has introduced me to amazing fighters and coaches, showed me the heart, determination, and capabilities of Parkinson's fighters, and taught my son the joy of helping others.  The more you volunteer, the more you get from your time with us.  My experience has been priceless.  Anytime  you can volunteer for a Rock Steady session, do it!  It will be the highlight of your week! "  - Amelia Bolin/ June 2017

  • "Wow, your Rock Steady Boxing group is AMAZING!!!!  I totally see why my students love  participating as volunteers for this program. Thank you for letting me visit- I will definitely  volunteer again in the future and will spread the word of your wonderful program." - Dawn Saracino, PT, DPT, NCS, MHS, University of North Florida Office - Senior Instructor - Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Department of Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences at the Brooks College of Health / March 2017

  • "I had the pleasure of volunteering with these folks...They are truly an amazing group  of people and very inspiring!"  - Brandon / Jax  Feb. 2017